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134 definitions by jennifer

The hottest guitar/back-up singer.
The best member of Simple Plan, eh.
Seb Lefebve's real name is Sebastien Lefebve.
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
pretty, cute, or cool
Look at that niloo bird.
by Jennifer March 28, 2005
something that is prior to something not after
He waited 30 minutes BEFORE going swimming
by Jennifer September 20, 2003
light skinned long haired cutie
by jennifer October 25, 2003
adjective that can mean really awesome, totally wack, or extremely disgusting.
You sickass monkey.

I downloaded this totally sickass song
by Jennifer March 13, 2004
A large, thick, pulsating, vein covered cock.
He thrusted his throbbing thrill hammer in and out of the sluts manhole.
by Jennifer July 11, 2003
When you are just good friends with someone, that means that you wish and pray to be more with them, secretly.
Jason and I are just good friends! I swear! (I love him, I want his body)
by jennifer July 14, 2004