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real skinny than normal
Dang, girl you is skinty!
by Jennifer March 27, 2005
A rather crude way to describe a transsexual who sells her body for sex, usually one who does NOT want genital reconstructive surgery (GRS). True transsexuals wanting GRS find it offensive.
Shemales are popular in the porn industry.
by Jennifer March 31, 2004
The most spiritual and beautiful thing a person can witness throughout their life. Also seesoulmate :)
I will always believe Ladislav and I were soulmates, whether he is with me or not ;I will love him forever <3
by Jennifer October 13, 2004
Oldest brother of trio band Hanson. Also known for being a bastard, dorky, sexy, all at the same time. Has lazy left eye. Or is that the right one?

Plays guitar; vocals.
Isaac Hanson is fucking hot! But Goddamn, he was a fucking bastard to me tonight, huh?
by Jennifer July 12, 2004
something that is prior to something not after
He waited 30 minutes BEFORE going swimming
by Jennifer September 20, 2003
One of the best bands in the world.
Eve 6 puts my heart in a blender.
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
a couch potato's worst nightmare.... unbearible brightness that makes you sweaty and stinky.... yuk.
"ahhh not the OUTSIDE!!! I'm melting!"
by Jennifer April 24, 2005

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