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A boy, who a girl considers to be boyfriend material of showing interest but is otherwise unwilling to commit or admit feelings for said girl. Both may hang out and do boyfriend/girlfriend things, but not go steady.
Zach was Amanda's unboyfriend. They both always did things with eachother and Zach felt comfortible enough around Amanda to share his feelings with her. Just not his feelings for her.
by Jennifer February 21, 2006
sweetness, cuteness, before you blow the candles on your cake..wish for a Safwan.
Safwan is the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Jennifer May 04, 2004
real skinny than normal
Dang, girl you is skinty!
by Jennifer March 27, 2005
Oldest brother of trio band Hanson. Also known for being a bastard, dorky, sexy, all at the same time. Has lazy left eye. Or is that the right one?

Plays guitar; vocals.
Isaac Hanson is fucking hot! But Goddamn, he was a fucking bastard to me tonight, huh?
by Jennifer July 12, 2004
The most spiritual and beautiful thing a person can witness throughout their life. Also seesoulmate :)
I will always believe Ladislav and I were soulmates, whether he is with me or not ;I will love him forever <3
by Jennifer October 13, 2004
One of the best bands in the world.
Eve 6 puts my heart in a blender.
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
a couch potato's worst nightmare.... unbearible brightness that makes you sweaty and stinky.... yuk.
"ahhh not the OUTSIDE!!! I'm melting!"
by Jennifer April 24, 2005

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