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To be able to communicate equally well with both nerds and normal people alike.
John is quite poindextrous because he is the company's tech dude that will drink you under the table while getting all the cute chicks in the bar.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
A structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that sucks the big one.
That house across the street from us is a Frank Lloyd Wrong and I am going to set it on fire tonight to get rid of that fuckng eye sore.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
When you otherwise normal girlfriend wears something sleazy and looks great and you want to do her.
Darling, skanky becomes you when you where that super tight black all-in-one leather outfit.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
The failure to filter out the slut that has now become your girlfriend who won't leave.
John drank too much, again, and his slutifiltration system failed again. Have you seen the slut that calls him her "boyfriend?"
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
The act of receiving the best kisses from your nine year old daughter who totally rocks.
I was Oliviafied all day on Mother's Day and it was the best gift I have ever received.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
The process of elimination of the most skanky chick to the least skanky chick.
When John drinks too much, his skankifiltration system fails him every time and he ends up with the Hunch Back of Notre Dame with lipstick and a hoo hoo.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
Lack of use of system to determine that the slut in your car stinks, reeks of alcohol, dope and wants twenty bucks to blow you after you just bought her dinner.
John drank too much at dinner and his whorifiltration system failed his dumm ass again because Godzilla wants to do him in the back seat for forty bucks.
by jennifer dietz May 09, 2008
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