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Ei vois vähempää kiinnostaa.
Finnish for "Could not care less" or "couldn't interest me more".
Mua EVVK -> minua ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa
by Jenni December 26, 2004
Kelvenna is a badass industrial chick who would gladly grope Agent Smith.. and her collection of Cowboy Bebop DVDs.
I've never met such a hot kelvenna, she makes me piss my pants.
by Jenni June 08, 2003
A warlike man with one thing on his mind, a buffoon like male, who thinks he is a warlord but in fact is a clown and everyone secretly despises him for it.

Often used as an insult by siblings especialy in the south of England, Crawley has a lot of barbarossa apes.
Wow..hes thinks he won the war all by himself but hes just a Barborosa ape
by jennI August 14, 2012
peppering soldiers with bullets, fast n furious - or if not in a war zone give its your best shot without ammo
'give them hell !' this is it..
by jenni March 18, 2004
NickName of the Philly 76's star shooting guard Allen Iverson. An all-star player.
A hot ass balla'!!
Mad street cred.
"Kobe ain't got no street cred! that foo from Italy!! Now AI, that is cred- Rasheed, that i cred... Kobe is just another white boy!"
by Jenni April 05, 2004
its a gay guy
Tina's ex boyfriend is a flaming spermsuckingfudgepacker.
by Jenni December 29, 2003
eating a female out that is on her period
oh guess what i did! i took a drink of red today
by jenni November 18, 2003
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