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20 definitions by jenni

dirty old dave related to a man who drives a white van commonly called dave and likely to be a pervert with a keen interest in prostitutes.

a song to the tune of dirty old town has been changed to

dirty old dave,

dirty old dave
hes a dirty old man
with a dirty old plan

this is a more detailed version of a typical white van man
that man over there, looking at those women is a ;dirty old dave' keep away from him at all costs.
by jennI October 06, 2012
3 1
Kelvenna is a badass industrial chick who would gladly grope Agent Smith.. and her collection of Cowboy Bebop DVDs.
I've never met such a hot kelvenna, she makes me piss my pants.
by Jenni June 08, 2003
2 0
A warlike man with one thing on his mind, a buffoon like male, who thinks he is a warlord but in fact is a clown and everyone secretly despises him for it.

Often used as an insult by siblings especialy in the south of England, Crawley has a lot of barbarossa apes.
Wow..hes thinks he won the war all by himself but hes just a Barborosa ape
by jennI August 14, 2012
2 1
peppering soldiers with bullets, fast n furious - or if not in a war zone give its your best shot without ammo
'give them hell !' this is it..
by jenni March 18, 2004
1 0
NickName of the Philly 76's star shooting guard Allen Iverson. An all-star player.
A hot ass balla'!!
Mad street cred.
"Kobe ain't got no street cred! that foo from Italy!! Now AI, that is cred- Rasheed, that i cred... Kobe is just another white boy!"
by Jenni April 05, 2004
32 33
its a gay guy
Tina's ex boyfriend is a flaming spermsuckingfudgepacker.
by Jenni December 29, 2003
2 4
eating a female out that is on her period
oh guess what i did! i took a drink of red today
by jenni November 18, 2003
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