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a nasty, red, painful, sometimes bleeding, open wound as a result of a typically centralized, rubbing motion between two rough and/or non-lubricated surfaces. often occurs during doggy style sex, on the knees of the receiver, from direct carpet to knee contact.
We fucked doggy style on the carpet last night; now I have such bad rugburn, it's hard to bend my knees.
by jenna tulls November 20, 2006
a willing girl or guy is fucked doggy style while being steered head-first on hands/arms down a flight of carpeted stairs. using-a-female-receiver "bonus": grab boobs for steering.
I agreed to to let my boyfriend snowmobile me because I got it confused with snowballing. Instead, I'm being fucked down the stairs. / I was snowmobiling this chick last night and it gave us both rugburn. Next time, we're wearing kneepads.
by jenna tulls November 20, 2006

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