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1. The act of removing the hair in the bikini area

2. The removal of office of the current president of the united states for lying, and crimes against humanity
''Im gonna go impeach my bush real quick before we go to the beach.''

''you think the democrats will ever carry through with the bush impeachment?''

by jenna talls April 13, 2007
The act of murdering your own daughter to preserve the honor of your islamic family. Often these murders are commited because the girl has been raped, or due to the child being considered a rebel in her behavior or choice of apparel, and are usually carried out by the father or brother of the victim. Like many other middle eastern traditions its main goal is to teach women that if they are not covered up and silent they are a piece of meat waiting to be raped, and if they are raped, it's their own fault.
Middle Eastern Family-
*girl crying* - ''Father, a man raped me today''
Father - ''Sharpen the machete son, we're Honor killing your sister tonight!''

American Family-
*girl crying*- ''Father, a man raped me today''
Father - ''Get me my shotgun, son, we're gonna get this scumbag so he cant do it again''

by jenna talls April 17, 2007
When an islamic family living in a western culture sends their daughter back to the middle east (usually pakistan) because she starts to dislplay the characteristics of a typical teenager (ie. going out of the house, hanging out with boys, having her own opinion) she is then shipped away to a place where women are brutally oppressed to remind her that she has few rights under her own religion. Usually a prerequisite to honor killings since they are considered murder in most cultures.
''I had a friend from pakistan in my math class, but she disappeared one day after she told her parents she wouldnt marry her cousin. I hope she didnt get sent for islamic re-education, she was a nice girl.''
by jenna talls April 17, 2007
A code name for someone tall, hefty, and awkward with the ladies. Unknown wether or not he is human or not. Has the complexion of a water tower. Gets enraged easily and often releases this anger by punching holes in walls. Some of Thaxore's catch phrases include: Cut yourself, set yourself on fire, and die in a hole.
Guy 1: "Whoa there Thaxore! No need to get all riled up!"
Thaxore: "CUT YOURSELF!"
by Jenna Talls December 02, 2014
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