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scene kids- kids around the ages of 14-19 that go to EVERY hardcore/emo show there is in a 50 mile radius just to prove they are HXC.

scene boys- pretentious womanizers that try to pick up preppy girls by wearing makeup and tight pants that shows off their "junk". some unfortunately succeed.

scene girls- sluts that find any excuse to say things like "that's so sex" and wear little bows in their hair and think that planes and dinosaurs are the shtt. Try to pick up scene boys by wearing what they do but most of the time fail miserably b/c the boys are going after Abercrombie whores.

scene boys and girls- both look stupid when they'rehardcore dancing and all have black or bleached hair combed at mishapen angles. oh and they all have a myspace and check it 97856748330485 times a day. Obsessed with picture comments and cry when no one talks to them online.
"hey scene kid, you wanna go see as i lay dying tonight?"
"oooo that would be sex"
"but i have to come home right after b/c i'm sxe and all."

by jenis18 June 12, 2006

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