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169 definitions by jen

An extreme straight edger who becomes loud and violent about one's views. Not a true edger and looked down apon for such ignorance to other's decisions.
The hardliner punched a stranger because they were smoking near them.
by Jen December 18, 2004
87 14
adj Descriptive term used to indicate residents of Montgomery County. Often used by those who resent people who make more money than they do.
#1: Dude, look at that MoCo guy.
#2: Rich bastard.
#1: Yeah, I can't believe he has a job.
#2: The nerve.
by Jen February 20, 2004
184 118
Corporate mind-control.
Don't be a slave. Overthrow the establishment.
by jen September 06, 2004
72 14
An example of where a few blowjobs to higher-ups will take you in the WWE.
Any superstar who wants to be world champ, just Randy Orton your way to your goal.
by jen August 18, 2004
337 280
Slut, whore, prostitute, your mom.
Christina Aguilera, and of course our man whore Colin Farrell.
by JEN January 22, 2004
79 25
the best water ice in the world. you can only find the good stuff philly.
I eat Rita's water ice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
by JEN April 01, 2005
59 9
The hottest, funniest, most talented male in the world. He's also Scottish.
Sean Biggerstaff's hottness is unparralled
by Jen September 06, 2003
71 22