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variant of the Spanish name, Juan which translates from the Hebrew as "gift from God." Men nicknamed Juando are often also referred to as "Mr. Juanderful." Ladies, if you happen to find yourself a Juando, you definitely need to jump at the chance cuz odds are "Juan in a Million" that you'll find another man who's as attentive, caring, tender, kind and good in bed as a Juando. Guys named Juando also happen to be rather erudite and significantly more intelligent than your average Juan.

The Most Interesting Man in the World is often mistaken for a guy named Juando.
Joe: Did you see the newest Dos Equis commercial with The Most Interesting Man in the World? He was snowboarding down Mt. Everest with a hottie on each arm!
Josh: Man, you crazy! That was Juando!

Lori: Hey girl, how's it going? You seeing anyone these days?
Cindy: I just met a guy named Juando..... we've only been together for a couple of days and I've never had such a toe-curling good time!
by jellybean67 February 10, 2010

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