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To provide cover for illicit activity. To provide a false alibi or to cover up someone else's nasty behavior.
You want to cheat on your wife, go ahead. But don't ask me to cover for you- I'm not your Joe Paterno.

If the cops call, you're on your own. I'm not your Joe Paterno.

Don't do that in front of me. You're not Jerry Sandusky and I'm not Joe Paterno.

He shoplifted that CD, then expected me to Joe Paterno him.

She told her mom she was spending the night at my house when she was actually with her boyfriend. She should have warned me ahead of time if she expected me to Joe Paterno her.
by jelly23 August 29, 2012
It's OK if a Republican does it.

This phrase is Republican justification for indiscretions, ethical compromises, sexual misbehavior, etc.
-Governor Mark Sanford flew to Argentina to have an affair.

-Sarah Palin didn't bother to pay taxes on two large vacation chalets.

-Senator John Ensign hired his mistress and paid her a huge salary.

-John McCain divorced his wife when her hotness cooled, and married an extremely rich beauty pageant winner.
by jelly23 February 05, 2010

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