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The worst country ever. And I'm from Australia. You know it's shit because all you hear is dickheads saying "Australia is the best because we're laid back and like the 'footy'". Australia isn't laid back at all and society focuses it's attention on being within the top 5 most obese countries and also, cutting anyone down who has ambitions. The entertainment industry is laughable and anyone pursuing a career (I mean real career like being a musician or game designer not some shitty job like 'accounting') will have to leave this country to get any success. If you walk out on the street wearing cool clothes people give you odd looks for not being shit like them. This place is just another 9-5 fatass loser place with ugly slut women. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS COUNTRY! THE ONLY ONES SAYING IT ROCKS ARE LOSERS WHO DON'T HAVE ANY ASPIRATIONS AT ALL!

Not only this, but australia has this thing where they remove anything awesome. i call it the AUSTRALIA'S CAMPAIGN ON ANYTHING GOOD. First they removed pop tarts because they were too awesome, then skittles but skittles returned. then they got rid of gummi worms then they started pulling bullshit like taking away my favourite beer from pubs and then when movies came out the best movies they'd only show in unknown random cinemas in the middle of nowhere. whenever i buy something like food and start to enjoy it a few weeks later they get rid of it. NO ONE NOTICES THIS SHIT. IN FACT, ANY AUSTRALIAN WON'T NOTICE HOW SHIT EVERYTHING IS.

what would you want to come here for? well we have the biggest rock in the world...oh well we have the beach? oh wait so does every other country.
tim says "i'm qualified to do this awesome job"
employer "well i'm going to have to hire someone worse than you because your too awesome. this is australia mate, we don't welcome kickass shit"
by jekkun December 17, 2007

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