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A large community website for flash games and movies. most of the movies could be concidered offensive, and many are ponographic.
Submit your flash works to newgrounds
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005
A LA punk band from the same time as the germs. Basically noise, there moto was "Destroy all music." They were around in the late 70's, 78'79' to the early 80's.
"I say..Destroy all music."
The Weirdos were an L.A noise punk band in the late 70's and the 80's.
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005
When you take the lid off of a snackpack of Pudding, and it has pudding on it. Then you hit someone with it.
I snackpacked John in the eye for calling my mom fat.
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005
A last name From Florence Italy.
Whats your last name?
Ohh, its Canzani
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005
Gbh is a punk rock band. One of their nick names because of their initials is Great big hair.
Gbh's song "Generals" is the greatest.
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005

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