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3 definitions by jeff sloane

snowboarding while nude... this is very fun because u testes can be waving in teh cold wind
man kirby is such a slut she went nude snowboarding with drew
by jeff sloane February 09, 2008
12 8
the name of a porno and used as describing a girl or boy who is a dirty pirate hooker. The word ooriginated in 6th grade during one of the schools field trips. (see betsy johnson)
dayum kirby is a dirty ass pirate hooker,
wat the hell that dirty pirate hooker gave me aids,
dude i just banged some dirty pirate hooker named kirby
dude drew just banged that dirty pirate hooker named kirby

by jeff sloane February 13, 2008
1 9
man that kid is a big max kohn a.k.a. a cock sucker cause thats wat we call it when kids are that
Man!! u just max kohned that bitch max kohn cock sucker, punk bitch, or both??
man max kohn is a punk bitch and a cock sucker!!
by jeff sloane February 09, 2008
0 13