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Like in the movie "Twins" with Arnold and Danny DeVito. It is when there is a set of Non Identical twins, and one of the twins seems to get all the good genetic code. The other one is left with crumbs, or can be called Crumbs.
Yo, what up Crumbs! Where's your fine sister?
Everyone know this is called a "verp"
Buke is now what it is called numb nuts
a genre of rock and roll music that the teen age girls listen too. If you ask your female class amtes or co workers who a good rock band is they will say these.
Creed, U2, Linkin Park
1)A description used for when a girl sits on your face. IE; it looks like you have on an ass helmet 2)When you pull your dick out of an ass and it has some shit on the tip.
1) She gave me an ass helmet!
2) DAMN! She gave me an ass helmet!

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