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24 definitions by jediandi

Can be used as a verb (Jonesing) or a noun (a jones). Describes a state in which one experiences strong desire or attraction, often of a sexual nature. Equiv. "to fancy" "crushing on" "to want"
She's been jonesin him for months.
He's got a major jones for her.
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
1208 573
(v.) To touch an individual in an intimate manner, usually with sexual intent. Such an act is usually done without the persons consent and is also frequently met with hostility and/or violence.
This chick at the club was so crunk she was letting everyone cop a feel.

I think that someone copped a feel of my tits on that subway.
by JediAndi September 03, 2005
512 167
abbrv. Jack Daniels. A sweet tasting Tennesee whiskey. See also Jack
I'll have a JD and coke
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
395 210
Firearms calibre commonly used for semi automatic pistols and sub machine guns. Useful for short range fire only. Used as a slang term for a pistol used by gang members or criminals
So he pulled this 9mm on me
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
204 36
Origin - Fight Club (1999)
Used to emphasise a statement with added pop culture.
For female use, "I am Jill's..."
User can substitute "Jack" with their own name.
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
I am Jill's disturbed nightmares.
I am Bob's overwhelming rage.
by JediAndi September 02, 2005
503 355
any female engaging in same sex interaction for the purpose of obtaining attention or popularity
She is such the trendsbian
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
102 15
(n.) to give the go ahead
also (v.) give a green light or give the green light
Ok, we got the green light.
You got a green light, make it quick.
by JediAndi September 02, 2005
103 42