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3 definitions by jedge99

The attitude that usually accompanies gingers. This comes from the pent up gingerness, usually expressed as sassy anger.

It is not associated with either sex in particular, but can describe the special times in a girl's month.
Non Gingers can posses Gingertude but only briefly when the red mist descends.
"Watch out, Phil will be back on Monday, he will bring a months worth of gingertude with him."

"Man I had to go the the pub last night, she had such a gingertude."
by jedge99 January 15, 2010
14 3
This is the international Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Every 19th September it is de rigeur to TLAP.

similar to Star Wars day on May 4th but without the wookies.
Remember Sunday is TLAPD
by jedge99 October 25, 2010
4 3
The morning fart that signals you are awake and can get out of bed.
It must be resoundingly loud and the 'p' at the end is the noise of your bum hole finally shutting.
To qualify it must also be as dry as a sahara wind.
I know you are awake I heard the Phwap from the kitchen.
by jedge99 October 25, 2010
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