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the emo style and the preppy style combined for a style that only some teen girls can sport without looking like a fucked up emeppy poser.
Timmy - that usual emo girl is wearing her hair up, and isnt wearing her daily studded belt...... dude i think shes having a emeppy day!

Bitch - thats fucking cool! I wanna be emeppy too!

Timmy - YOU ARE A FUCKING EMEPPY POSER....you have to have the emo style first then prep it out abit.

Bitch - umm uh but i liked ummm Hawthorne Heights and uh My Chemical Romance forever tho!

by jecemini August 13, 2007
What was once Frosty The Snowman, is now Frosty The Pervert, he is Frosty The Snowman's evil brother, he is a rebel, and dispises x-mas!
Beating his meat all over the street, look at Frosty go!!!

Sliding his hands all over his glands, his cum is white as snow!!! o.O wow that Frosty The Pervert for you! lol
by jecemini January 02, 2008
something(s) that are very large. A word you would use if your excited to do something. I word you can use in a question involving there " areas "
im excited biggs time! or Look at that guy...bet hes biggs down in that area. or Ya wants some biggs up de bum
by jecemini August 13, 2007
To really crave something, or want something. Usually refering to weed, drugs ect...
timmy-"do you smell that?!?!?!"
bob-"dude, thats weed!"
timmy-"fuck, i really wanna get high"
bob-"yea im feening for that shit"
timmy-"damn im feening to!"
by jecemini September 08, 2007

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