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tiny green space-alien that only homer can see
And osmodiar rang his tiny little green space-alien bell to let everyone know it was lunch time
by jebus crites November 30, 2003
adjective - have been re-arranged according to combobular's theorem (everything is reversed front to back, then replaced with sonething totally different)
the sky was afflicted with discombobulation; it was reversed from blue to eulb then to seven in the blink of an eye
by jebus crites November 30, 2003
inter demensional beacon made of flax and trans-fatty acids.
the trans-flaxon went off too late so i was late for school
by jebus crites November 30, 2003
tribe of indians from main british columbia. reputed for their androgyny
Skookumchuck RCAC Sqdrn
by jebus crites November 29, 2003
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