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2 definitions by jeanz

Samantha is cute as a button. Samantha is funny, a good listener, and there when you need her to be, even if you might not always be there for her. She always so shy, except when she's around you. When the wind blows in her hair, when she smiles and looks at the ground, or just when she walks into a room you feel a radiance like no other. Samantha is loved by everyone, especially by you. She is awesome, fun, sweet, sexy, nice and is always a good kisser. Everbody loves Samantha.
"Samantha" is awesome.
by jeanz July 02, 2012
28 4
A slang term mixing the two words chilling and hanging.
Yep, we be chingin at the house; wanna come?
by Jeanz April 12, 2010
1 3