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a policy that requires all doors to remain open at all times, generally due to an ex-convict's aversion to doors being closed because they make him feel like he's back in the joint
House guest: Man, what the hell you opening the bathroom door for when I'm in there takin' a shit?!
Home owner (ex-con): If you're gonna stay here you're gonna have to abide by the Open Door Policy.

House guest: What the hell you talkin' about?!
Home owner (ex-con): Ever since I did that 6 months in Statesville, I can't have any doors closed in my house. I get to feeling like I'm locked in and I bug the fuck out, Dogg. The Open Door Policy is as much for your safety as for mine.
House guest: That seems fair, homie.
by jeanshorts August 16, 2010

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