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refers to the length of time we usually choose to cook something: an average of the range specified by a recipe. begs the question, why don't they just tell us to use the number in the middle in the first place?
How long did you put the food in for?
8 minutes. The box said 7 to 9 so I chose the microwave middle ground.

When are you gonna show up at the party?
It goes from 4 to midnight so I thought I'd go at 8, choose the microwave middle ground.
by jeannee August 05, 2010
used in text and facebook messages to convey excitement and lilt in one's voice
Heyy, whattss uppp?? Wanna hang out laterrr???
Sure, maybe if you stop using so many exxtraaa lettterrrsss
by jeannee August 15, 2010
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