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People from the Dominican Republic. They are very proud people who love n enjoy their culture, food n music as most countries do.

Spanish is spoken in D.R. Dominicans have a mixed heritage, most of the people in D.R. have Spaniard n African heritage n a bit taino.

so peoples color tone can vary. some look mulatto n a lot look like the guys from the group "Aventura". Dont listen the ignorant ass stereotypes made by kids born in US with Dominican parents, they dont know shit about D.R. Dominicans arent obsessed with platanos even though its part of our main dishes, Dominicans arent all "cool kids", or all ghetto tough kids.

Real Dominicans however are always mostly in good mood, a little loud, always available to do exiting things, very communicative, use our hands and face while talking (we use A LOT of symbols), LOVE LAUGHING, a bit defensive, LOVE TO DANCE, sing alot even if our singing sucks, street smart (not saying gangsta, i mean that like the majority of us dont get fooled easily).

D.R. is a third world contry. Tough economy right now, everybody robbing and killing its crazy.
Blackouts about 2-3 times a day in average sectors for about 1-2 hours each. Most are loud there, a lot of people outside, cars with loud ass music cross by, a lot of house parties, a lot of busses n motor-taxis, robbers in the dark, a lot of colmados. A LOT of street food. Anyways the happy ambience allows people to live there without going crazy lol. Its a great place for vacations btw.
Danny: whats a Dominican?
Steven: A person born in the Dominican republic
by jeanky June 06, 2011

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