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11 definitions by jeanette

The female "faux hawk" that has been done so many times, that it's lovingly called a "no hawk"
This was been mistakenly over-done with such celebrities such as Gwen Sefani, Mandy Moore, Paris Hilton, and the lead singer of Garbage.
by Jeanette August 09, 2004
The act of have a sex sandwich with a mother and daughter who's combined weight is over 400 lbs
Chris ordered up a dutch sandwich after Sean left for work.
by Jeanette February 16, 2004
A crappy band with no talent. A discrase to all humans.
H.I.M Should die, pretty quick. Just shut up...i hate h.i.m.
by Jeanette October 09, 2004
A crappy ass band with no talent. they suck. and so does bam cus he likes him and hes a jerk. The band HIM also has a ugly lead singer. whats with people thinking hes hot? with his shaved pubs and ugly ass tatoo. GEEZE!
I can't believe HIM is famous! They have no talent! geeze!
by Jeanette October 12, 2004