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A label given to people who are different from mainstream society, often confused with goths, usually like rock or alternative music (but appreciate any good music), dress as individuals, the males are often into extreme sports. Often very creative, be it musically or artistically. (And you wonder why there are so many good rock bands) They hate scallies, townies, trendies, 'the popular kids', and all of the other materialistic and fake groups.
Scally: "Eeeeeeerr, yer f*ckin trog!"
Trog: "I would rather be a so-called 'trog' than a braindead scally with no life or future, get away from me and go steal from the co-op, or whatever it was you were born to do."
by Jenn December 15, 2003
The stages of hooking up with someone.

1st: French Kissing
2nd: Getting Felt Up,Hand Jobs, etc.
3rd: Oral Sex, Fingering, etc.
Home: Sex
"Like OMG, Casey tried to get to third base with me, but i decided to let him go all the way home!"
by Jenn April 25, 2005
-An inept, foolish, or contemptible person.

-Male sex organ.

"Do you want to see my cockazoid?"
"You are the biggest cockazoid I've ever met."
by jenn March 15, 2004
the opposite of tacky. generally not skanky in any way, shape or form. to be pronounced class-say to add extra class, or classé.
Oh my god, look at Jenn and Char's fabulous clothes. Those girls are SO classé
by Jenn January 19, 2004
unchill, something you dont want to be!
dude that was so shady! you stole my weed, how could you man?!
by jenn July 01, 2003
My sexiful b!tch Vee.......I LOVE YOU!!!
<3 I love Vee shes the best everybody loves her she should be the queen of the world <3
by Jenn March 20, 2003
A silly person, an idiot
Oh you are such a noggin!
by Jenn December 15, 2003
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