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Short for "perfect"
"Let's have lunch at Chipotle tomorrow."

by Jenn February 26, 2003
To leave qiuckly; to go
Shit, the cops are coming.. we gotta tork!
K, let's tork.
I'm gunna tork to the store.
by Jenn November 24, 2004
recent studies have shown that if your parents never had children, you will probably not have children yourself
that would be inappropriate
by jenn August 27, 2004
to be intoxicated
Boot tut, that bottle of wine got you slizzed!
by Jenn March 18, 2004
diarrhea that is so powerful, explosive, and often times painful that it breaks all normal standards of fecal expulsion.
"I drank 30-pack of beast ice last night and boy do I have mega-rrhea"
by jenn December 10, 2004
A demonic pedophile in power who humiliates little girls on video tape, and shows it to all his boys, but is stupid enough to incriminate himself and look at the camera, so the FBI can take him down while Karma and Nemisis tear him into pieces.
"hey little girl......wanna be in my next video? I can help enhance your singing career....."
by JENN May 26, 2004
People who are assholes but who wear out the word so much you must get creative using hense "assdragon"... also may be substituted with "assdumpling" and/or "asspuppet"
Shut up you friggin assdragon
by jenn July 05, 2003
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