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A store which has lotta brand name clothing such as TNA, Mavi, Talula, 555 Soul etc.
Whoa look at that store!
by Jenn January 09, 2005
the best tool for smokeing pot
by Jenn May 27, 2003
Hailie is the cutest little angel i have ever seen....shes lucky 2 have marshall 4 a dad, and hes lucky 2 have her as a daughter, im glad kim is sortta out of the pic shes not a very good influence on her OWN daughter, u would at least think shed try, Hailie's lucky she has such a great guy like Marshall 2 be there 4 her 24/7!
(Kim) (Marshall)(Hailie)
by Jenn January 20, 2004
One who gives oral sex to a women, using the tongue in various ways.
That twat-licker really had some skills.
by Jenn February 26, 2005
A diet in which you count your "net carbs" (which are carbs - dietary fibre). Contrary to popular beleif, this diet does not encourage you to eat massive amounts of bacon, cheese and other foods high in fat.
The reason why this diet actually works is because:
1. When you are eating regular carbs, your body uses them for energy by braking them up with insolan (which causes your blood sugar to rise, and then fall dramatically depending on the type of carb you eat) then u crave carbs again....its like a rollercoaster
2. When on Atkins, you are basically trying to keep your blood sugar constant - flat lined you could say.
3. When u don't use carbs for energy, your body switches in to ketosis - which is fat-burning mode. Instead of your body burning carbs and storing fat, your burning fat you eat and fat you store - that is why you can eat more fat on this diet - fat replaces carbs

* this diet has been proven by many studies to help type 2 diebetics - if you think about it, type 2 diebetics is like being allergic to carbs - your body cannot process them efficiently.

* I agree that this is a overly hyped diet - but it actually does work. I've lost 20 pounds over a month and a half - about 3 pounds a week. AND IM NOT HUNGRY ALL THE TIME LIKE I WAS WHEN I ATE CARBS! You have to do it properly - check out www.atkins.com for more infomation
A typical day on Atkins (if you do it right)


2 egg omlette with cheese, ham, green pepper and onion
Low carb pancakes with low carb syrup with strawberries
Low carb bread (made with soy and whole wheat), with natural peanut butter


Garden salad with chicken
Low carb wrap with cheese, mayo, ham and chicken w/veggies


Chicken breast with cheese and salad
or any meat with veggies


- Nuts
- Berries
- Sugar free candies/chocolate (eat sparingly though!)
- Veggies and dip
- Low carb bread with cream cheese or peanut butter
by Jenn October 11, 2004
a super duper peep!
hey soo!
OMG!she's such a Sooey!
by jenn December 17, 2004
To take up one's time in their busy life.
She was monopolizing his time with kayaking adventures.
by Jenn May 09, 2003
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