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Relating to a person or situation that is technologically impaired.
You can't figure out how to turn on your Ipod? How techtarded can you be?
by Jenn March 31, 2005
verb. to swiftly shove your thumb up someone's ass while said person is still clothed. a variation of a wedgie.
Buttdart!!! (run away laughing)
by Jenn December 28, 2003
drunk from a alcoholic beverage or vicadin
i was so perked last night, i woke up in the gutter of jack in the box
by jenn June 30, 2003
Hailie is the cutest little angel i have ever seen....shes lucky 2 have marshall 4 a dad, and hes lucky 2 have her as a daughte. im glad kim is sortta out of the pic shes not a very good influence on her OWN daughter, u would at least think shed try, Hailie's lucky she has such a great guy like Marshall 2 be there 4 her 24/7!
(Kim) (Marshall)(Hailie)
by Jenn January 20, 2004
so fucking high you are pretty much dead. Usually comes at the end of the high and results in sleep
no man, im too washed. i got to go home.
by jenn June 30, 2003
Orginization, Drunk Drivers Against Mothers, MADD's opposition group
"wanna buy a cookie, the proceeds go to support my Dad's action group DDAM"
by Jenn March 30, 2005
Actor who is best known for his portrayal of Charlie on Party of Five and currently as Jack on Lost.
Did you see what Jack did on last week's Lost?
by Jenn March 05, 2005
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