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1. one who resembles a turtle.
2. someone under the age of 15, and has a moustache & beard with patches of missing hair in it.
3. a person with facial deformities, as a result of their mothers abusing drugs while pregnancy.
4. a word that suggests "fooling around."
"damn, girl, look at that narf!"
by jenn March 24, 2005
Short for Pimp Daddy
He get's all the hunnies. He must be a PD.
by Jenn May 06, 2005
1. v. slang : to fuck snort-Australian
2. n. : Eric Franco (may be used in forms such as "snorter" or "old man lover")
Wow, that guy is such a snort...
by jenn June 18, 2003
what they said..but i beg to differ in that how am i stupid in wanting my independence and freedom? i am a person ya know!
"MY opinion is RIGHT and i WILL prove you WRONG no matter what it takes b/c i have the proof!"

~i still dont see how that's wrong tho.~
by jenn March 16, 2005
true it is a cinammon schnapps with 83% alchol by volume... true it contains true 18K gold flakes... have you ever heard of the off-brand "gold strike"... it is 100-proof with all of the genuine gold flakes, but the slight disadvantage to you conscience of being priced much less than goldschlager...most state stores have it in stock (at least in the south)... u just have to ask for them to get out of the back room
as much as i like goldschlager, i think we can step up the party with that 100 proof discount version (gold strike)...yeah... take me home now
by jenn August 28, 2004
an area more commenly reffered to as the "ghetto" which consists of every ethnic background possible.oh and mikhail lives there.
ima go visit my home dawgs in the 310.
by Jenn April 20, 2004
slang used by inner city teenagers to describe missing the bus
"I got bus left this morning"
by Jenn August 17, 2004

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