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v. (to teke, teked, teking, tekes)

To throw flour all over someone (giving an antique look), usually when the person is intoxicated or unconscious and laying down. Popularized by the television series, Jackass.
When Scott passed out, both of my friends teked him good. He looked just like an antique!
by Jeffro June 27, 2005
(n.) 1. A kind of "orgasm" a person feels when they are intensely stoned and feel like they're floating away.
2. Really good weed, or money to get weed.
"Holy shit, I'm having an izm! Damn this feels good, it's like I'm floating away and I can't feel my legs!"
"Wanna chill, dude? I got some mad izm on me from my homie."
by jeFFro April 09, 2004
(n.) A derrogatory name for a Filipino (or Phillipino or however the fuck you spell it).
"Man, those flip-flops think they're all gangsta, but I bet not one of them would have the balls to fight one-on-one."
by jeFFro June 09, 2004
(adv.) A word used to describe an ugly, unattractive female. This is the kind of girl that is so ugly that you can't even look in the eyes when you talk to them, because of their unrelenting "ugg." Usually the only hope for these women is a paper bag (with a hole only where her mouth is), a lightswitch, and a half-gallon of Burnett's Vodka. Usually these women end up face first in the crotch of other women just like them.
There's no way in hell I'd ever hook up with that homely woman, even if she sucked me off in the dark.
by jeFFro June 09, 2004
A nickname for Orlando, FL.
"Magic City let me hear ya i yi yi..."
-Ying Yang Twins
by jeFFro April 08, 2004
The Mississippi of the Midwest.
Nebraska is very backwards, very republican, and has lots of stuck up and sheltered people, especially the girls.
by Jeffro June 29, 2005

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