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(Off South Park)

The word Mr. Mackey uses instead of saying "sex" to Ms. Chokesondick in the hit cartoon, South Park.
How long has it been since you had... doobers?
by Jeffro June 01, 2007
Anchorage, Alaska.
Amerie, Trajan Langdon, Scotty Gomez, and me are all from Anchorage (a.k.a "Anchortown").
by Jeffro June 27, 2005
fine ass female, just alright lookin anyway
ey, i'm bout to go holla at dat lil breazy right thurr!
by jeffro September 08, 2003
Completely changing the way you act to someone with little or no reason for doing so. A complete 180 (reverse direction) personality shift towards another person, leaving the other person completely confused at the 180-persons conviction for being "that way".
John and Samantha were really hitting it off and John was telling me he was really starting to like Samantha. Then she did a complete personality 180 on him and quit returning/answering his phone calls and she completely ignored him at the party. What a cunt.
by Jeffro April 30, 2007
The biggest creeper of them all! Someone who stalks, stares too long, doesn't talk to you but looks at you from a distance a lot, uses the word 'creeper' to refer to any male stranger that hits on her, basically out of all the people I've met, Dana Barnes
Dana Barnes would always look at me out of the corner of her eye, would talk to other people about me, using my Facebook mini-feed as a reference (since we were 'friends' on facebook just through mutual people). And one day the weird staring got me thinking, maybe she likes me and I should at least break the ice. Then she calls me a creeper for saying "hi". Wow, I wonder where DAD was growing up, for she has a lot of issues. You, Dana Barnes, are dubbed the Grim Creeper!
by Jeffro January 05, 2009
what you say when you got that straight fire ass mid yo. especially when i'ts cheap
shit man, last night i smoked somma dat fire ass mid wit my girl. we was straight blazed nigga
by jeffro September 04, 2004
more stoned than stonded
shit man, last night bob hooked me up wit dat fire ass mid. my ass was stondeder all night!!!
by jeffro September 04, 2004
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