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5 definitions by jdubbbb247

An alcoholic drink. It is a shot of Crown Royal poured into a rocks glass of Redbull with a splash of Peach Schnopps.
"I wanna get drunk, lets get some royal pussy shots". "Damn my head is ringin from last nite, fuck those royal pussies".
by jdubbbb247 February 23, 2010
An extreme hot streak in a poker game or casino game. To become very hot in some form of gambling, profit, or accomplishment. To be at the top of your game.
I was down to my last 20 dollars in the slot machine and then I went on a heater. I was on a heater last night at the craps table, I made a lot of money!
by jdubbbb247 March 08, 2010
Ambulance for colored people in an urban area.
"Shaneekwa bring ambalamps"! "Say it again Pinky....oh what the fuck?? Im fenna call ambalamps".
by Jdubbbb247 February 21, 2010
Any police officer employed by the Dublin P.D. in California.
"That jewpig just pulled me over for rolling through a stop sign when I really stopped". " The jewpigs in this town got beat up so bad in high school".
by jdubbbb247 February 22, 2010
A dark skinned mexican that sells cocaine. The combination of snow and cholo.
"Damn that shnolo down the street always has people over". "I want to get keyed tonight, lets call shnolo".
by jdubbbb247 February 22, 2010