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Another word for going to jail, the clink, the slammer.
Ernie stole some space heaters and a bike in broad daylight. He was whiskey drunk and got caught by the police.

He will be spending the night in the Greybar Hotel.
by jdrubadub May 13, 2010
When one gets bopped in the head by a set of hooters, jugs, or large "bazookas". Can be both intentional or unintentional.
1) Cody got knocked the fuck out by Samantha's bazookas after teaching her how to play football.

2) Gordy was jumping on the trampoline with Miranda. She accidentally gave him the bazooka bop when her heavy hangers smacked him cold upside the head.

3) Latifa was pissed at Deshaun for smoking all her crystal. She gave him the ole' bazooka bop to the side of the face.
by jdrubadub August 28, 2010
A fruity person that subscribes to new age beliefs and worships cheap fake crystals.
Glenda sparked some grass, balanced the energy of her universe, then decided to mediate to wind chimes while focusing her thoughts on the cheap ass crystal she bought from Walmart.

Glenda is a crystal worshiper.
by jdrubadub May 13, 2010

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