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A particularly large, hairy bush, reminiscent of the old Jiffy-Pop popcorn which was heated on the stove. It was a foil pie pan with aluminum foil on top. Inside was popping corn and oil, and when put over flame, exploded into a metallic afro of sorts, filled with popcorn!
"Dude, look at the bulge in her slacks! I bet that motherfucker has a jiffy-pop!"
by jdog1096 May 21, 2005
A white man's penis, used to penetrate a black woman's pussy or asshole. Derrogatory term used to disparage a desperate white man or loser. A nigger lover.
Herman was hangin' out on the south side last night with Shaneequa. The fuckin' mud pole!
by jdog1096 May 19, 2005
An adjective used to describe something, well, BALLS! It's a GOOD thing. i.e. "Look at that new Bentley! That thing is fucking BALLS!"
"Oh my God, she's taking it up her fucking ass and LOVING it! That's balls."
by jdog1096 May 19, 2005
Hot garbage is the smell of your jock/underwear after a day of labor.
"Holy fuck! I just took off my underwear and it smells like hot garbage!"
by jdog1096 May 11, 2005

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