2 definitions by jdeco93

Its when someone partys forever and never comes home and then goes into work with the same clothes for the whole week.
Nick is a master stayout he came to work with the same clothes on this whole week
by jdeco93 April 09, 2009
when a guy lies to multiple girls,usually giving fake names such as "Marccello", then proceding to get caught when his friends call him by his government name. However, the end result is she still fuckin.
Friend: "oh no Kevin's about to pull Tha "Alias" Stayout Maneuver."
Kevin: "Ummmm Hey"
Dumb Bitch: "Like whaaaaat. Whats your name cutey."
Kevin: "Marccello Rigatoni baby"
Dumb Bitch: "Oh so italian, can i ride that braciole...mmmmmm"
by jdeco93 April 10, 2009

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