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A road where it is common to see many cars carrying multiple people, usually of Latin descent and questionable immigration status. Whereas the dangers of the Autobahn are from the intense speed the dangers of this road are from getting hit from multiple non english speaking uninsured motorists with loud stereos
Guy1: did you see all the mexicans on the road its a regular Vatobahn out there

Guy 2: ya man watch out
by jdbombassmofo January 12, 2012
When one gets tazered in the groin
That jackass security guard gave the guys junk a case of ball lightning with his tazer
by JDbombassmofo December 02, 2010
A play on the expression "ass fucked". When the price of gas rises so high it is likened to anal sex and the pain often associated therein.
Guy 1: Damn it man, it cost 50 bucks to fill up my car

Guy 2: You totally got gas fucked
by jdbombassmofo June 09, 2011
Another way of saying someone is coming out of their shell. A shy person that loses their inhibition.
Person 1:That guy used to be quiet now he tells killer jokes and buys shots for the whole bar. He's actually cool now.

Person 2: Yeah he went throught personality puberty
by JDbombassmofo December 12, 2010

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