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The hardest drinking university in the United States. Has all prerequisites for binge drinking.

1.Redneck culture that does nothing but drink
2.Lack of any activities after 7pm that dont involve getting hammered
3.Coldest enviroment of any 4 year school in the United States

4. Over 24 bars plus another 10 places to buy alcohol for a place with a population of around 25000
5. Depression that sets in once you realize you have decended into the 5th circle of hell AKA laradise
Student 1:Hey guys we've been drinking for 5 days straight lets change it up I know the University of Wyoming doesnt have anything going on but theres got to be something else to do
Student 2: We could always go outside and freeze to death
Student 3: We could sit around and have a circle jerk
Student 1: Fine lets just go to the Buckhorn Bar

Student 3: No im too classy for that lets hit the Cowboy bar but the one on 3rd st not the cowboy bar on 2nd St
Student 2: I've been drunk since 5pm so i dont really care
by jdays March 05, 2013

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