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An extremely promiscuous and filthy female or male, or one whom perpetrates lowly activities, some that others may admire.
John dates that sleaze bag for her money, big tits, and to catch a plethora of STDs to keep him out of the Army.
by jd owner of george May 11, 2008
The money you give to the sleaze bag you just jumped so she can get the subway back to Jersey or to the bridge she lives under.
John pulled out his wallet and gave the sleaze bag $15 as Skank Aid so she could catch the subway back to the hole she crawled out of.
by jd owner of george May 11, 2008
The odor of a vagina the day after sex with several guys and no codom.
She suffered from vagismell after those three guys pumped her full of their man stuff.
by jd owner of george May 10, 2008
A fairly good looking guy who still attracts only fuglies.
JOhn is a handsome guy, but somehow he is still a trollmagnet.
by jd owner of george May 11, 2008
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