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(oh-bahm-noh-tyzed) Someone who is so deeply under the mesmerizing, hypnotic, spell of Barack Obama, they don’t even realize they’ve listened to him for two hours and he hasn’t actually said anything! “Hope, Change, Hope for Change, Change we can Believe in, Hopefully, while Changing Hope into Dreams, and Dreams into Change, and Change into… Yes We can… We Can Hope for Change!”
Example: “I’m sayin’ the chick is totally Obamnotized! When she tossed her thong onto the stage at his last rally, I said, Girl what the hell are you doing? And all she did was drool and mumble, Obama… Obama… Obama…!”
by JD Ellis February 21, 2008
1: To be cheated via dirty, underhanded, no-holds-barred, backroom politics.
2: To parse words to a ridiculous extreme as in “Depends on what your definition of is is."
1: Obama was totally clintoned when Hillary strong-armed the DNC to change the rules after the fact and allow the delegates from Florida and Michigan to count when no other candidate was allowed to campaign there because the DNC specifically instructed them not to!
2:“I count fellatio as ‘sex’ so you’d better not be clintoning me when you say you didn’t have sex with her!"
by JD Ellis February 13, 2008
The practice of History Revision. Revising history to fit the politically correct popular mandate, regardless of pesky historical facts.
Example: “Historyvisonism will show, the Jews in the ‘Concentration Camps’ actually died of diseases, not gassing!” Or... “According to historyvisonism, the Twin Towers were obviously imploded by the U.S. government, Al Qaeda had nothing to do with it!”
by JD Ellis February 16, 2008
A recent Communist recruit. As a neophyte Conservative is a‘Neo-Con”, so too, a neophyte Communist is a ‘Neo-Comm’.
Example: “Bro, you’re beyond Socialist... you’re a friggin Neo-Comm!”
by JD Ellis February 16, 2008
1: Being so enraptured by the Clinton's Mystique one fails to recognize their shortcomings, and longs for their return to power.
Example: “I can't believe Delta's such a "Clintonista"… he must be suffering from Clintonesia!”
by JD Ellis February 14, 2008
1. That glorious language somewhere between Adult English and Babytalk Gibberish.

2. The bastardization of the English Language by the diminutive, infantile, offspring, of Homo Sapiens.
Example: “Dude, did you really say you have to ‘poo-poo’… what, is that bra… Toddlerspeak for ‘take a dump’?”
by JD Ellis February 25, 2008
(Oh-dah-bah-man-ity) My toddler’s rendition of my wife’s favorite phrase from the ‘Hindenburg Disaster’… “Oh the humanity!”… used (in my wife’s context) as a lamentation for anything, and everything, that tests your mettle.
Example: Standing in line for the “Teacups” at Disneyland, my wife reads a small sign, “From this point your wait is 45 minutes.” To which my toddler Hayley announced in a loud voice, “ODABAMANITY!”
by JD Ellis February 24, 2008
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