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The act of drinking (from imbibe) in excess (-y added to convert it into a nominative, after debauchery, usury, etc)
John's imbibery caused him to lose his family, job, and respect in the community
by jcsegenmd March 03, 2012
A primarily British slang equivalent of anal intercourse www.sexualposition.info/sex_dictionary.html
He went to uni, but only really studied arsometry
by jcsegenmd June 11, 2012
A pregnant woman who is moody to the extreme and, like Godzilla (from whom this term presumably derives) destroys (figuratively speaking of course) everything in her path.
Annie was over eight months pregnant, woke up too early on Sunday and began her day as PregnantZilla. She barked at the dog cowering in the corner, snapped at the (now bawling) baby, and dropped kicked the cat into the tub filled with now cold water that she'd forgotten to empty the night before. Oh yeah, thought Rosco, her husband, it's going to be a day to walk on eggshells.
by jcsegenmd September 06, 2014

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