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2 definitions by jcash2

The occurrence of being born without testicles in your scrotum sac but instead the gist of the sac is permeated with a magnum sized dong.
Joseph's roommate dropped his shower towel to reveal a perfectly shaped nutless dick sac.

Every time i tug on my nutless dick sac it fills with more liquid.

After I knocked Rich out i tea-bagged him with my nutless dick sac.
by jcash2 January 20, 2010
23 7
A variation of the Dub-C Brownie in which the person on the toilet is being plagued with explosive diarrhea resulting in a softer brownie.
I went to pull my first dub-c brownie but was surprised with diarrhea and successfully completing a fudgy dub-c brownie.

With my chronic condition of explosive diarrhea, there is no use wasting my time not getting fudgy dub-c brownies.
by jcash2 March 30, 2010
6 0