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Policeman or policewoman.
Come on, the gavvers will be here any minute.
by JC March 06, 2004
Formerley the Los Angeles Angels, changed teams name to California Angels. Disneyland then purchased the team and changed their name to the Anaheim Angels. Disneyland sold the team to Art moreno who attemted to change the teams name back to the Los Angeles Angels, but ran in to trouble when the City of Anaheim advised Mr Moreno a contract was signed with the the team, when it was owned by disneyland agreeing it would contribute money to restoration of Anaheim stadium if the Angels would keep the Anaheim in their team name.The City said it would challenge him in court to keep the name Anaheim. Art Moreno and his legal advisers found a loop hole and the new team is now called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Go Halos. A MLB baseball team
by JC February 02, 2005
bushy vagina
Rosaura has a nappy dugout
by JC June 27, 2002
Term used to describe the event in which a woman refuses in the participation in anal sex, but then surrenders as an act of playful tease.
"And just when i thought she wasnt interested, she gives up the ass". This is usually followed by "Ya damn right i took it, cos she dont got to tell me twice".
by JC June 12, 2004
Something very good or appealing, but not necessarily in a sexual way
"We won the lottery? Sexalicious!"
"That new girl is sexalicious."
by JC July 06, 2004
The original Shiznit. It sux when you overheat though.
I got Excitebike for Christmas in 1988.
by JC March 22, 2005
A little bit technically inclined.. a little bit granola. But not Indie.
My technola boyfriend fixed my computer then we went out and cleaned up the universe!
by jC November 02, 2004

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