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Escondido is a city in north San Diego. Population at approximately 300,000. Known as " Esco ", " Hidden Valley ", " Escondildo ", Escotown ", Sex Con Dildos " and whatever else dumb ass niggas wanna come up with.

Most of the people are mexican and white but there are some blacks, asians, and middle eastern residents.

There are lots of gangs, tagger crews, and bitch crews in Escondido. The main gangs are "West Side", also known as "Weak Shit", and "Diablos", AKA "Rats" or "Ratas".

These groups are no threat to your life or anyone elses. They just kinda annoy everyone and give the 5 five foot three mexican teens and young adults something to do, eventhough there are all bitch ass niggas.

Contrary to polular belief there are lots of things to do in "Esco", but unfortunately lame ass people always wanna blaze up or drink just to have and excuse to fuck an ugly bitch. Females in Esco, like in other cities, drink and smoke to have an excuse to suck a dick or three and get away with it.

Law enforcement in Escondido is a joke but don't fux with the cops. They like to role deep.

There are a lot of surburban areas located on the outskirts of the city and on random streets of the city.

Never be afraid of any streets in " Esco " because nowone is down enough to do shit to you.

Lastly Esco is what I like to call "The Land of Wasted Talent".

Besides and including all that stuff, Escondido is the shit. Don't hate!
Escondido, AKA , The " Hidden City ".
by jbsurbandictionary August 15, 2008

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