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3 definitions by jbm321

Lackluster to an extensive degree.
Dave - "Hey Alex, why did the chicken cross the road?"
Alex - "Why?"
Dave - "Who gives a shit, all these chicken jokes are mehrrific anyway."
Alex - "Well said."
by jbm321 May 20, 2011
18 1
An occurence on online gaming, mainly First Person Shooter games, whereas your connection lags when a teammate runs into, or generally makes contact with you.
"Damn it, I would've had that kill if my stupid teammate didn't lag ram me and ruin my shot."
by jbm321 October 25, 2011
18 4
To score with a young chick, an old chick, and a Cuban chick all in the same day. Named for the 3 most prominent populations in Florida.
I had sex with a widow this morning, and her daughter this afternoon. all I need is a Cuban and I have myself a Tallahassee Hat Trick.
by jbm321 February 10, 2012
4 0