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17 definitions by jazzy

To be fake ( used in the dirty south MIA baby)
1. Man he lie about everything, he flaw.
by jazzy November 15, 2003
a word that is commonly used in p.g. county m.d when speaking with another person
"naw youngin, i aint get to go"
by jazzy November 22, 2004
Kissing without tongue or saliva. Like a peck on the cheek or mouth.
They didn't want to make out on their first date, so instead they engaged in dry kissing.
by Jazzy July 17, 2004
a word meaning anything you want it to mean based on the context of the sentence. takin place of the subject.
A: "yo i went to that joint yesterday"
B: "turn that joint off man"
c: "how come u aint turn ya joint in to the teacha...u gon fail."
by jazzy November 22, 2004
A sexually promiscious person with an STD
That girl there is an animal
by jazzy November 15, 2003
A really sexy, smooth, or cool guy
Hey to all my suavisitos in the house
by jazzy November 15, 2003
Of Serbian origin. but instead of serbian, its serb-ish. get it? muahhaha
"What are you?"
"Serbish, biaaattch!"
by Jazzy June 22, 2004