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the only hope garage / grime music has in surviving in the music industry. Although garage is growing, its many, many years form being on the same level commercially as rnb hiphop, rock, pop etc.
dizzee dizzee dizzee
by jazzmatiq February 23, 2005
another gimmick. A perfect example of an antonym of real hiphop. No talent, no creativity.
50 cent, gay unit, chingy, ja rule, nelly.
by jazzmatiq February 23, 2005
1. a poorly bootlegged version of hiphop
2. a form of garage more specific to mcing
3. a form of noise (not music) lacking in dynamics (which is why anyone can make a grime tune on their computer)
4. Formed from the word 'grimey', leaves little room for creativity or a variety in lyrical content (mcs only talk about beef, vanity, derogatory of females etc)
5. something only heard on underground illegal pirate radio stations (and channel u) because the general public would never buy such rubbish, so radio/ tv stations don't waste their time or money promoting a lost cause.
6. An example of how a genre of music can't survive with pop, rnb, rock in the international music industry. Just think of the grime artist that came and went, wiley, shystie, more fire crew, pay as you go crew, heartless crew etc. it doesn't matter how big or how long they've been in the underground scene, grime is wack.
7. a word not found in the real english dictionary because it's not considered real word, just like I dont consider it a real form of music.
lethal b, wiley, dizzee rascal,
by jazzmatiq February 23, 2005

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