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over dosgae of robitussin for enjoyment
ok me and my friends robotrip all the time that shit is way crazy.last time we all robotripped i was talking in japanesse and then though i was scarface. after that i felt like my whole body was stone and i could not moved, i started to see little leperchauns running around my house so i tried to follow them to get the pot of gold. one of my friends sad he was part of swat trying to rescue the fans in my extra room upstairs and while he was doing that he got a blow job from one of the hostages. my cousin said he was a cheetea and was running around my house he also thought my standing fan was a girl and tried to make out with it. by the end of the nite my friend left the house and said everything around him turned animated. i tried to sleep but kept talking like i was a Sim character and my cousin thought spongebob was selling him girlscout cookies.
*just feels to intense sometimes*
by jayweezy August 09, 2007

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