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5 definitions by jaytea

A word that rhymes with 'bus'
"Excuse me, do you know a word that rhymes with 'bus'?"
by jaytea December 07, 2006
an idiot. taking from swedish, spelt tönt
that jaytea is a real tönt sometimes
by jaytea June 26, 2005
used in the elma community when referring to something that was already mentioned. sort of like 'it' or 'that'
that move is impossible.. how do you do teh?

anyone seen batman yet?
ye i've seen teh

would anyone like to suck my balles?
ok i'll suck teh for you
by jaytea June 26, 2005
short for battle. a ritual in which an unplayed elastomania is released for a certain period of time, competitors must try and get the best time
im bored, new balle?
by jaytea June 26, 2005
a substance that is used to enhance your level of concentration and awareness whilst playing Elastomania
amagad ez snus, now i can get under 12 in ff
by jaytea June 26, 2005