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"Cougnut (1968 - 2001) was an African American rap artist from San Francisco, California. Cougnut's immense contributions to Bay Area hip hop include his recordings, which have appeared on countless compilation albums, the moral support he gave to his fellow Bay Area hip hop recording artists, and his historical significance in being the first Bay Area artist to achieve a hit with his song "I'm Rolling," which inspired generations of Bay Area artists and hip hop label entrepreneurs. Cougnut and his seminal crew yielded San Francisco's first major underground street hit in the late 1980s called "Scandalous." This Lakeview native released other hit songs such as: "Don't Get It Twisted", and "Last Breath" with I.M.P. Cougnut's career with the Ill Mannered Playas tragically ended as the result of a fatal car accident in Daly City, California in 2001."

-From Wikipedia

That's scandalous,
ill-mannered posse,
rollin with me

by Jaynik February 27, 2008
Nine being the number 9, and Deuce being the number two,

This phrase often refers to the year 1992, or just the number 92 in general.
Yeah, Nine Deuce, Deathrow Records. Creepin' while you sleepin'.

-Snoop Dogg on Dr. Dre's album "the chronic" which was released in the year 1992.
by Jaynik May 13, 2007
Modesto, California. The 209.

Methamphetamine capital of the world.

Up in Methdesto we got every drug there is.
by Jaynik May 25, 2008
Being high.

on anything.

the term was coined by a couple of guys high on weed though.
Dude, I'm so lazer sharked. I have no idea whats going on.
by Jaynik June 13, 2007
One whose head is so incredibly fat, that it appears as though he/she has no neck or chin.
That guy at McDonalds is a total lardhead.
by Jaynik April 21, 2006
"Fifteeens" refer to 15 inch subwoofers in a car audio system.

For those who don't know, that's fuckin huge. And the shit kicks.
And like a fiend fo' the weed I'll tweak.
4 Fifteens in yo' trunk that's beat,
Proper ass amps, Zapco, Alpine.
Put the coke on the dash,
roll a dolla do a line.
-Andre Nickatina

I'm takin' chunks from punks who want funk,
Treat em like 15's, put em in the trunk.
-Brotha Lynch Hung
by Jaynik July 31, 2008
noun, to have lust for the cock, or penis.

often used when talking about slutty girls who have all kinds of casual sex.
Some girls have even earned the title as a shameful nickname.
Alycia has mad cock lust for, like, everyone.

Get off my jock, Cock Lust!
by Jaynik June 12, 2008
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