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A male who skeeves a female out so bad she develops symptoms of a yeast infection.For example itchiness,discomfort, and the urge to wash alot.
Is that yeasty beasty still calling you? I thought you got some ointment for that!
by jaynells February 02, 2008
Someone belonging to both the Democrat and Republican political parties, depending on which crowd they're with at the time.
Hey I'm sure glad that elefonkey Giuliani dropped out of the race.
by jaynells February 02, 2008
a person, preferably male, who is immature and quotes too much 80s-90s pop culture .
When he said his favorite olden days movie was Ghostbusters, I couldn't help but think "wow this kid is a real joungen".
by jaynells February 02, 2008

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