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First coined by rapper Dr. Dre in his song "Next episode." Very similar to a "HOLY SHIT!" moment, can be used to express extreme joy, extreme confusion, extreme nuggets, or any combination of the three. Open to many variations, such as "wooptie woop nigga huuuh?", "wooptie what the fuck are you doing to my dog?", "wooptie woop nigga said that."
Bro...you know that bitch you fucked last night was the littlest Brady Bunch kid right?"
Wooptie woop nigga what?!

Customer: Thank God you showed up man, I've been lookin' for a plug on a quo of nuggets for a while.
Seller: Seventy is straight then?
Customer: ........wooptie woop you gotcher self a deal my good man!"
by jaymayisback May 29, 2010

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